HOME SWEET HOME Lighted Glass Block

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This block is available in both 6" x 6" and 8" x 8" sizes.

Included is a strand of 20 twinkle lights with a white cord for 6"x6"; a strand of 35 twinkle lights with a white cord for 8"x8".

Please select your vinyl color using the color chart. Please include in the checkout notes: Vinyl color:

Colored tulle is used on the inside block for that extra color pop! If you don't want a special color, please include in notes: Tulle: white/clear.

If you do not want tulle on the inside you have 2 other choices: 1) The block can be frosted.  2) The inside can be glittered.  Please include in notes: Tulle Color:

Included is a matching bow on top with ribbon is around the block. Please choose the bow option when you purchase and if you want a certain color or fabric, please include in notes: Bow instructions:

 When ordering: please include notes on:

  1. Vinyl color for "Home":
  2. Vinyl color for "Sweet":
  3. Vinyl color for Hearts:
  4. Tulle color:
  5. Bow instructions:
  6. Additional instructions: